Rudd Vs. Robot

I apologize if some of you have seen the following video before. I happened to stumble upon it today, and felt utterly compelled to share it, just in case there are a few of you out there, who have yet to see it. Paul Rudd is on his way to achieving legend status among our readers with his seemingly never ending string of choice roles. This status may be hindered or helped by the following video, which features Rudd as American Cop Ian Curtis in a film entitled JACKIE CHAN PRESENTS: GEN X COPS 2 (Chan isn't even in the film, which actually boasts 6 different titles).

Oddly enough, this was shot in 2000, five years after Rudd starred in CLUELESS and one year before he starred in WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. Either he really believed in the script (doubt it), or he had a massive cocaine addiction and needed some funds. Whatever the case, the result is absolutely awesome.

Extra Tidbit: Rudd's beautiful bouffon of blonde hair is incredible.
Source: Youtube



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