Ruined passports

Good news for any of you planning to leave the country but are wanted for a felony - to help promote THE RUINS, Dreamworks are running a service that allows you to make your own passport, RUIN-ed style. The plus side is that it's free. The down side is that you're gonna get a creepy vine thing crawling across your face as per Mr. JoBlo's, which you can check out right HERE. THE RUINS drops on April 4th and looks pretty sweet even though Shawn Ashmore looks like he just went straight into this shoot after auditioning to play Jackie Moon in SEMI PRO. Jena Malone (DONNIE DARKO), Jonathan Tucker (HOSTAGE) and the beautiful Laura Ramsey (SHE'S THE MAN) also star. The film is about a group of friends who go on holiday and end up finding a bunch of ruins in the jungle that just so happen to be cursed. It probably doesn't turn out to be the best holiday ever, but whoever survives probably ends up with a dynamite story to tell.
Extra Tidbit: Not that we condone felonious activities, but if you do manage to hop countries with one of these passports, let me know.
Source: Dreamworks



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