Rumor Buster: Mel Gibson appearing on Mad Men?

Don't know if you've heard the news but as it turns out, Mel Gibson has found himself in another dilly of a pickle. He's still got a film on the way - THE BEAVER, directed by Jodie Foster - but that was filmed before this latest career crisis. A lot of attention has been turned to whether Gibson, seen to the right peering deep into your soul, can and will ever work again. So when a rumor pops up online that he's in talks to guest star on a highly popular TV series, it catches like wildfire. But is it true?

Yesterday gossip maven Liz Smith set of a firestorm when she said that Gibson had talks with "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner about a starring role in the show's upcoming fifth season. Said Liz: "Weiner – who is Jewish and can overlook Mel’s infamous drunk rant of several years ago – told a pal recently that he sees a lot of dramatic potential pitting Mel against Don Draper." Only problem? It's not true.

Entertainment Weekly actually reached out to a source on "Mad Men" who said the rumor is completely false and that Weiner and Gibson have never met nor spoke about anything, let alone a role on the show. There were also rumors a while back that a Gibson cameo was written into another MAD property - the MAD MAX reboot, but that too appears to be nothing but a lot of wishful thinking.

Extra Tidbit: Maybe Gibson should guest on "Mad TV" or "Mad Money." Or "Mad About You." Or... you get the point.
Source: EW.com



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