Rumor: Is Warner Bros. looking at doing a Batman Beyond movie?

Folks, this is interesting.

Warner Bros. has been spending time wondering what they are going to do with Batman next. Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt take over? Would Christian Bale consider coming back in any capacity? (He said he was done.) Should they do something different altogether? If the rumor holds any truth then they might be doing just that.

The site Batman on Film has been hearing that the studio is considering using BATMAN BEYOND as the basis for a reboot of the material. They say that it would not be a continuation of anything that Christopher Nolan has done. Here's why they mention this: In BATMAN BEYOND, the story focuses on Terry McGinnis, a teenager who now wears the cape and the cowl in a futuristic setting. McGinnis is mentored by an older Bruce Wayne. If Warner's wanted to, they could set up this scenario using both Gordon-Levitt and Bale, however this is not the case. If they take the BATMAN BEYOND route it will be separate from everything else.

Again, this is a big rumor. BIG. Think of how this would effect the potential JUSTICE LEAGUE film. I'm not saying BATMAN BEYOND wouldn't work, I'm just saying that if they want to reboot Batman and want to use this idea then wait a little while.

What do you guys think?

Source: Batman on Film



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