Rumor: Will Christian Bale return as Batman in the Justice League film? Will Zack Snyder direct?

Rumor Alert!

After our scoop about the WB screenings of MAN OF STEEL going so well, this news will likely continue the growing glimmer of hope that the studio is getting their shit together for their DC Universe franchises.  El Mayimbe over at Latino Review has his own inside info on what the current state of the JUSTICE LEAGUE is, as well as WB's plan on bringing back a familiar face to the franchise, namely that of Christian Bale.  Supposedly, WB is looking to saddle Bale back up in the batsuit and reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman alongside Henry Cavill's Clark Kent/Superman. After the recent rumors that Will Beall's script was rejected and that the film was going to be massively delayed, this is certainly some light at the end of the tunnel.

Sound too good to be true?  I don't think so.  I think it sounds like WB finally drinking the smart water and focusing in on delivering the best possible product.  The kicker to all of this?  It looks like WB may be settling in on their own Joss Whedon/J.J. Abrams/Mark Millar by cementing director Christopher Nolan as the "godfather" of the DC Universe movie franchises.

Alongside Nolan, LR is suggesting that MAN OF STEEL's helmer, Zack Snyder, is also coming onboard as a producer for JUSTICE LEAGUE with the option to direct.  No committment as of yet, but it sounds reasonable that WB would pursue the helmer, who is primed to deliver the movie to beat this summer and has proven his committment to a faithful take on DC characters in the past with his vastly underrated WATCHMEN. 

Obviously, this is all "grain of salt" material, but absolutely within the realm of possibliity. With Fox readying a massive X-MEN push and Disney having the one-two punch of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems like WB is priming itself to become a major competitor in the big-budget superhero franchise crossover department.  It feels lke they've been trying to find a way around doing it this way for the longest time.  Have they finally settled on just rolling with the concept?  I mean, Marvel and DC constantly rip each other off with crossovers/reboots/marketing, etc. in the comics.  Why not with the films, too?  It's all fair game.

Certainly, some may think that bringing back Bale to the batsuit may be a bad idea or lessen the impact of the ending of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, but I see it as a great concept.  There is nothing definitive in the comics universe and I don't see why the films should be any different.  It's all cyclical, and I could see an evolution of Bale jumping back into the suit with great ease.  The actor confessed that he'd miss the cowl in numerous interviews during the press for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and indeed he's become the face of Batman.  Why give up a great thing that you've made your own if there's a possibility to continue.

You can watch El Mayimbe's full video scoop below and hit us back with your thoughts on this development below!

Extra Tidbit: Could this mean seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a Robin or Nightwing costume as well?
Source: Latino Review



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