Rumor: Zac Efron up for unspecified role in upcoming Marvel project

Those Zac Efron being considered for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII rumors didn't pan out, but with his NEIGHBORS doing well at the box office and with critics, maybe there is some truth to this latest rumor.

L.R. is hearing Marvel wants Zac Efron for an unspecified lead role in an upcoming project. No one knows what part Efron might be up for, but apparently the actor recently received a script for the project.

Marvel obviously has more than a few films in the works, but the studio also is developing new television series for Netflix, and Agenet Carter for ABC. Is Zac Efron heading to the big screen in a future Marvel film, or will he play one of the leads in a new series?

Your guess is as good as mine, but would you be surprised if Marvel is interested in Zac Efron? I feel like NEIGHBORS is going to help Zac Efron's career much like how 21 JUMP STREET helped Channing Tatum's, and I doubt anyone would be shocked if Efron's hit comedy helped him land a role in a new Marvel project. This is only a rumor though, so don't get too excited (or pissy) about Zac Efron possibly appearing in something related to Marvel.

Which Marvel character do you think would be a good fit for Zac Efron?

Source: Latino-Review



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