Run for your lives! It's another Godzilla movie!

You'd think that the massive critical and commercial disappointment of 1999's GODZILLA would scare the shit out of anyone who even considered making another Hollywood version. You'd be wrong. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have closed a deal with Toho to bring Godzilla back to the big screen in a new way.

Details haven't been released on how exactly Warner Bros. is planning to reinvent/reboot GODZILLA but let's not forget that JJ Abrams made a relatively successful Godzilla movie just two years ago with CLOVERFIELD. That seemed to be the only way to make a Godzilla movie successful - by not making it a GODZILLA movie. I'm guessing they've already got an idea of how they'd like to spin this GODZILLA movie but I might be giving them way too much credit. It'll just be another CG-heavy blockbuster about a giant monster destroying a major city (can he please go to the west coast this time?).

Please do not mistake this as my disdain for the GODZILLA franchise as a whole. DESTROY ALL MONSTERS!, MOTHRA VS. GODZILLA and TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA are among my absolute favorites (and I should probably admit that as a 10-year-old, I cried during SON OF GODZILLA). I might cry again during this GODZILLA too but for entirely different reasons.

No director or writer are attached but the studios are looking to get the film in theaters for 2012; the year, not coincidentally, that Mayans predicted would be the end of the world. Certainly the end of good ideas.

Extra Tidbit: No more Matthew Broderick, please.
Source: THR



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