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Run Thomas run!

Itís a small coincidence that Iím writing a story about a John McTiernan film tonight, because letís face it: itís not every day you get to see a John McTiernan film. But for me, today was one of those days, and to be writing about it now, well, Iím at a loss for words (the movie was PREDATOR). But somewhat misleadingly, this article isnít so much John McTiernan-based as it is Thomas Jane-based, as the Eckhartish actor has signed on to headline JTís action-thriller RUN.

The film is being touted as a continental speed orgy of cars, chases, and car chases. A US Interpol agent (Jane) stumbles into a conspiracy that leads him on ďa high-speed pursuit across the country.Ē Shooting starts on April 14th in Argentina. Producer Gary Hamilton had this to say: "This is an unrelenting action-thriller in true McTiernan style, creating acrobatic mayhem in exotic locales," said Hamilton. "BMW has come onboard to provide the cars, and Roush Performance is designing a Super Mustang for the film, setting up what will be a spectacular vehicle stunt-action chase movie." McTiernanís last two films after the entertaining THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR were ROLLERBALL and BASIC, so, yeah.

Extra Tidbit: Can you believe the guy up there was the Punisher? Amazing what a shave, some dye and a grimace can do.
Source: Variety



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