Runaways coming home

One of the first, if not the first grrl-power rock groups, The Runaways, are coming to the big screen. Legendary producer Art Linson is producing NEON ANGELS, an upcoming film that will document the rise and fall of the late-70s band. The band was originally formed by a manager who thought the idea of teenage girls wearing sexy clothes would make a marketable rock group. It turned out the girls could seriously play and rebelled against their "novelty act" label fighting to be taken seriously as musicians. Band members included Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Micki Steele of The Bangles. Writing and directing ANGELS will be Floria Sigismondi who has directed vidoes for David Bowie and The White Stripes ("Blue Orchid"). Linson (FIGHT CLUB) will finance independently to be able to film a gritty R-rated film, something that was important to Jett, who will executive produce, and her bandmates when selling the rights.

Extra Tidbit: The song "Cherry Bomb" is featured on the DAZED AND CONFUSED soundtrack.
Source: Variety



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