Rush Hour 3 clip!

You could be forgiven for thinking that Chris Tucker is very particular when it comes to choosing film roles, given his filmography, but it's only when you realise that he somehow fell ass-first into a ridiculously lucrative franchise that capitalises on bi-racial humour, spreading what's essentially the same joke over thus far not one, but two whole movies, that he just doesn't need to do any more acting. Before RUSH HOUR happened, Tucker was in stuff like HOUSE PARTY 3, but ever since he met Jackie Chan and a huge wad of money, he hasn't been anyone but James Carter of the LAPD.

And really, why wouldn't you? He's being paid, I think, a bajillion dollars and it's not like he can really branch out artistically. His voice is like that, and you can't do serious with a voice like that. So just check out a new clip from the movie HERE, and be amazed that two movies later it's still funny.
Extra Tidbit: Tucker testified in defense of Michael Jackson at his trial.
Source: AICN.com



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