Russell Brand does an interview with Entertainment Tonight and goes behind the scenes for Arthur

You may not care too much for the ARTHUR remake, but it's on the way despite all odds.

Yesterday, Entertainment Tonight sat down with Russell Brand and got his thoughts on remaking the original 1981 film that starred Dudley Moore. At one point the overly happy interview guy asked Brand if taking on the role was a daunting task to which the actor answered, "It's not daunting. It's very, very exciting. I love Dudley Moore. I'm from the same place as Dudley Moore. I love English comedy. … I love him dearly, and so I feel very, very honored."

There's also bits of the charming Helen Mirren and cutie Greta Gerwig. Mirren admits that she likes seeing Brand walk about in his tight underpants all day. Personally I don't find him the least bit attractive, but to each their own. Notice the shot of Mirren with her hands close to Brand's crotch in the bathtub. It's something you can't un-see.

Check out the video below.

Extra Tidbit: There's no denying the attractiveness of Helen Mirren. Just try to resist her.



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