Russell Brand to coach pee wee soccer for Warner Bros.

The entertainment world seems to have anointed Russell Brand some sort of huge comedy icon, after one decently memorable turn in FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. He’s reprised that role in GET HIM TO THE GREEK, hosted two MTV award shows and is set to star in the ARTHUR remake. Now Warner Bros. is giving him his own feature, and I don’t even think they’re making him cut his hair.

Brand will play a “David Beckham-like” soccer star/millionaire playboy who gets arrested in Texas and is sentenced to coach a local youth soccer team Hilarity is supposed to ensue. So it’s like MIGHTY DUCKS meets THE BIG GREEN meets, I don’t know, Captain Jack Sparrow? I suppose this could be funny in theory given some decent writers, but who knows.

What do you guys make of Brand? To me he barely even seems like an actor, as his real life personality and what I’ve seen of him on screen aren’t very distinguishable from each other. He’s like bizarro world Michael Cera, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw them paired up in a buddy-comedy eventually.

Extra Tidbit: And why yes, he IS banging Katy Perry.



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