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Russell Brand to produce and star in The President Stole My Girlfriend


Yes, Russell Brand still does movies and Katy Perry.

The actor has signed on to produce and star in THE PRESIDENT STOLE MY GIRLFRIEND for Warner Bros. The comedy from writer Matt Portenoy was recently picked up by the studio.

Brand explained the plot to THR, "In this movie, the president steals the girlfriend of a sexy hippieŚme, obviously. It was inspired by the night I naively invited [Warners president] Jeff Robinov for dinner."

The last film we saw Brand in was the remake of ARTHUR. If you actually saw the remake. Next up, Brand will be rocking out in the musical adaptation, ROCK OF AGES. Tom Cruise has a number in that as well. I love Cruise but when was there any indication given that he could sing? How did they rope Bryan Cranston in that? Perhaps he really loves the hair band hits of the 80s.

Source: THR



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