Russell Brand to swash and buckle as Hawkwood

Despite really only playing the same character in two movies and doing a memorable hosting job at the MTV Something Awards, Russell Brand’s comedic star is rising. Currently filming a remake of ARTHUR, Brand’s next project will be something a bit more unusual.

It’s a comedic telling of the life of famous (among historians at least) mercenary John Hawkwood, who lead a number of different European armies in the 1400s, including France and Italy. The script sets to pain him as a typical Brand-ish womanizing, wise-cracking lothario, except now instead of a being rock star, he swings swords around.

Was the real Hawkwood actually like this? Considering I didn’t know who he was until thirty seconds ago, I don’t really care. Lord knows we need some sort of humor injected into a medieval epic as ROBIN HOOD disappointed in that regard. The version with the foxes was FAR superior as anyone will tell you.

I like Brand, but I’m curious to see him out of his Aldus Snow role. Hopefully ARTHUR and now HAWKWOOD will let us see what else he’s got.

Obligatory photo of who he’s banging, Miss Katy Perry:

Extra Tidbit: I’ve never used the word "lothario," until I started writing articles about Russell Brand.
Source: Deadline



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