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Russell Crowe in Alamo

Apr. 11, 2002by: Mike Sampson

It looks like Hollywood can't get enough of Russell Crowe.  The cantankerous star of A BEAUTIFUL MIND has projects lined up as far as the eye can see with A-list directors.   He's currently prepping to film MASTER AND COMMANDER for Peter Weir (THE MOSQUITO COAST), then moving into TRIPOLI for Ridley Scott and afterwards it has just been announced he will likely take a supporting role in Ron Howard's ALAMO.  In return, it looks as if Howard will make CINDERELLA MAN, which Crowe has been attached to for some time, his next film after ALAMO.  CINDERELLA hit a snag when director Lasse Hallstrom walked away due to scheduling problems.  All these films and Crowe still has his directorial debut on THE LONG GREEN SHORE to work on.  I wonder when he'll find the time to continue his quest to sleep with every eligible woman in the world?  Looks like Wilt Chamberlain's record will live on.

Source: Variety
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Latest Movie News Headlines

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