Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams' Blue Valentine slapped with an NC-17

NC-17 is a rating we often forget exists, and only usually comes up when Kevin Smith tries to get a new movie made, but this time, the MPAA has doled it out for a more serious project.

BLUE VALENTINE stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams whose relationship slowly corrodes. The performances for both actors have been getting hints of Oscar buzz, but the MPAA's recent ruling could make the film much harder to see, or at least make it trim some of it's more noteworthy parts, namely one sex scene between Gosling and Williams.

Our own Chris Bumbray got the chance to see the film recently, and like many others he's perplexed at this verdict. Here's what he had to say about the scene that's likely being questioned.

"I saw BLUE VALENTINE at Sundance in January. This getting an NC-17 is mind-boggling in it's stupidity. I imagine it's for a brief, uncomfortable sex scene in the middle of the film- one which includes VERY little nudity, but is realistically done. For some reason, the MPAA are real sticklers when it comes to sex, ESPECIALLY when sex is portrayed seriously, or- god forbid, realistically."

When asked how it compared to say, MACGRUBER's recent pretty over the top sex scene, he elaborates:

"Ah, but you see- MACGRUBER did it in a comical way. They hate it when sex is portrayed realistically. The real reason it's NC-17 is because Gosling goes down on Williams, and the MPAA hates cunnilingus being portrayed. Blowjobs- no problem. Weird double standard- VERY sexist."

The MPAA making a nonsensical ruling? Get out of town! But seriously, the body is notorious for hating all things sex related, as this movie could have been full of gruesome torture scenes and exploding bodies and would have landed an R. But a guy going down a chick? SOUND THE ALARMS!

The decision will likely be appealed, but the scene in question will probably just end up being trimmed to save a lot of headaches.

Do you think the MPAA is a useful body?

Extra Tidbit: Another confounding issue with them is language, where a few f-bombs create scenarios like ONCE and HOSTEL both sharing the same rating.
Source: Deadline



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