Ryan has director?

After reporting that Ryan Gosling was possibly in the frame to star in a reboot of the Jack Ryan character for Paramount, it sounds like the film might also have snagged itself a director. And that director is Fernando Meirelles (CITY OF GOD). Now, while I enjoyed CITY OF GOD, I think I might be the only person on the planet who didn't think it was the greatest thing ever. But THE CONSTANT GARDENER blew me away and ergo, this is an awesome choice. Meirelles is - at the moment - working on BLINDNESS, another sweet sounding project with Julianne Moore and Mark Rufallo, about a town where everyone suddenly loses their vision. He has not yet signed on to the film people are referring to as BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, but is apparently the front runner. It really sounds like the studio are trying to attach some major talent, rather than just churning out another flick to make some bank, which is pleasing. But bare in mind that his is all just rumor at the moment, I could very well be back tomorrow to tell you that Brett Ratner has just signed on to direct with Chris Tucker as the young, pre-plastic surgery Jack Ryan in a movie about a bus full of super models trying to assassinate the President by suffocating him with their breasts. Also, Jackie Chan in talks to play his plucky side-kick, with an open casting call to any non-Black actor who has problems understanding Black culture to hilarious effect, just in case he fails to sign.
Extra Tidbit: Meirelles is once quoted as saying that if he understood the dangers of a Rio favela, that he wouldn't have done CITY OF GOD.
Source: MovieHole



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