Ryan on Gone

There's not exactly the usual plethora of stories out there at this time of year, but there is a short, yet interesting little interview with Amy Ryan, that you can check out over HERE. Why report this? Well GONE BABY GONE was my favourite flick of the year, and because Amy Ryan was f*cking stupendous in it. So naturally, I found this little piece interesting. Here's acool little anecdote as to how she got the job: "I had just happened to go out to LA for pilot season like every other New York actor panning for gold. I met [Ben] and we read one scene. And he said “Where in Boston are you from?” And I said, “Uh, New York.” And he said, “You’re hired. You’ve got the job.” She also goes on to talk about the possibility of awards, about being invited to see dailies for the first time, and about the thrill of having Ed Harris scream in her face. Like I said, it's an interesting little read so check it out. And have yourself a Happy New Year!
Extra Tidbit: She's a shoe-in for best supporting actress, right?
Source: MTV



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