Ryan Reynolds in drag

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The hunky hero isn't waiting for his expected GREEN LANTERN fame to kick in -- he's already getting his work schedule filled for a while. In addition to the recently mentioned MOTORCADE, Reynolds is also going to put his smarm, charm and good looks to use in an untitled comedy from writer Allen Loeb (WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS).

In the high-concept romcom (which went for a high six-figure price), Reynolds gets dumped by his gal and tries to win her back through friendship. But in a slightly nontraditional method: he does it by masquerading as a female (and one in even better shape than his previous co-star Jessica Biel).

Before that, Reynolds slips on some emerald finger jewelry for director Martin Campbell (CASINO ROYALE) to play DC's defender Hal Jordan, which starts filming in January.

Extra Tidbit: After he got in chiseled condition for BLADE TRINITY, Reynolds said someone at Muscle & Fitness magazine accused him of getting "ab implants".
Source: Variety



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