Ryder plays Informer

What the world needs now is more Winona Ryder and damnit, we're getting it in the new film THE INFORMERS. Even better, Ryder will be starring in a movie with Ashley Olsen, something I never thought would happen. Even better than just the addition of Ryder, Mickey Rourke will also join the cast that already includes Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger and Brandon Routh. Ryder will play the mistress of movie producer William Sloan (Thornton). Rourke, in a bit of casting that should surprise no one, will play a kidnapper. INFORMERS is based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel and follows a group of characters in LA (including the aforementioned mistress, producer and kidnapper) and how their lives intersect. Ryder can be seen next starring in WELCOME, a movie written and directed by Kirsten Dunst wait, what?? A movie written and directed by Kirsten Dunst? Anyway... Rourke can be seen next in the thriller KILLSHOT, which has been languishing in Weinstein Hell for what seems like years. Filming on INFORMERS is scheduled to begin this October in LA.

Extra Tidbit: Written and directed by Kirsten Dunst?? Seriously?!?!



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