RZA talks kung fu flick

It's been a while since we first heard that rapper (author, music producer, actor) The RZA wanted to bring his love of old-school martial arts flicks to screens.

RZA still plans to enter the 36th Chamber as writer and director of THE MAN WITH THE IRON FIST, a throwback to classic Shaw Brothers kung fu movies. And he's got some decent help, as he tells the LA Times: "[Quentin] Tarantino is my teacher. I've watched hundreds of movies with him and spent hundreds of hours learning craft from him. I'm a disciple of Tarantino."

Sifu QT is producing the independently financed FIST, along with fellow exploitation lover Eli Roth. But what's it about? The rhymes may flow freely from the RZA's lips, but not details on his movie. He does say that the budget will stay under $10 million and it should appeal to "an audience that's hungry for kung fu but not grindhouse. Something that's modern, like BLADE".

And he also gives this provocative morsel: "The ladies will be the star. There's a lot of ladies in this film."

Extra Tidbit: RZA has apparently been absorbing filmmaking knowledge since visiting the set of Jim Jarmusch's GHOST DOG: WAY OF THE SAMURAI (for which he crafted the excellent soundtrack).
Source: LA Times



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