Sacha's a sheister

Sacha Baron Cohen is attached to star in the upcoming Fox Atomic comedy ACCIDENTES based on a pitch by Cohen and Peter Baynham (BORAT). In the film, Cohen would star as a Latino lawyer who becomes a working class hero when he successfully defends a landscaper who suffered a mishap while working on a wealthy estate. Cohen recently wrapped BRUNO but hasn't formally decided on his next project. One revelation that came out of the STEP BROTHERS junket was that the untitled Sherlock Holmes project with Cohen and Will Ferrell was announced somewhat prematurely and isn't anywhere near ready to go. But Cohen has also been circulating DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS for some time. Considering a script hasn't even been written yet for ACCIDENTES (it was bought off pitch by Fox), I would assume it's already somewhere on the backburner. And, of course, there's always the off chance that Steven Spielberg could resurrect his Chicago 7 movie where Cohen had been set to star as Abby Hoffman.

Extra Tidbit: Borat was originally Kristo, an Albanian TV reporter before Cohen refined the character.
Source: Variety



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