Salma. Preggers. Sigh.

This "story" would normally go up on our revamped MovieHotties.com sister site, but since we're still about a week or so away from that launch, I figured I'd write it up here, especially since a schmoe sent me this pic below and you all know about my particular "interest" in Salma Hayek. Well, as much as I wanted to believe that the news of her marrying a rich French guy and being pregnant was untrue, the picture below...well, does not lie. Now either Salma-sita has put on some extra weight for a role as Jake LaMotta's wife or she's friggin' pregnant...and then some!! I guess I can finally call off the dogs and give up on my journey to the land of Hayek.

Pretty soon she'll be a MILF and I'll be standing on the outside (moreso than now), looking in. Then again, maybe not. Maybe it's time to pass the baton on to younger Latina babes like Catalina Sandino Moreno or that chick from the GoDaddy.com commercials. I don't know. So confused. In a daze. Whatever the case, I'll be "big enough" of a man to admit defeat and surrender this battle. Wishing both Salma and her foreign husband a very happy, healthy child, of course. Salma, I trust you will return to form after all this hooplah (although admittedly, she's DAMN hot when she's fat/preggers as well!!), and we at JoBlo.com can continue to salivate over your every move. Here's looking at you, kid!

Extra Tidbit: I almost "made out" with Salma Hayek once. Well, okay...I ran into her at an airport, but it's almost the same thing. My sad adventure from that encounter here.
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