Salma stripper again

Salma Hayek It's been far too long since JoBlo.com Holy Grail (oh yeah, I went there) Salma Hayek has played a stripper so lucky for all of us that in William H. Macy's upcoming feature directorial debut, KEEP COMING BACK, she'll be playing a stripper whose undoubtedly hilariously wooed by an emboldened teenager with a heart condition and double lucky for us that Alta Films have recently picked up the film's Spanish rights. It's lucky because the Spanish rights is one small step towards North American rights and our viewing of Salma displaying her outrageously perfect body in a skimpy outfit and shaking it around a stripper pole. Filming on BACK is expected to begin in July in LA. In the meantime, look for Salma and Salma clones as sexy nurses in director Julie Taymor's trippy Beatles-inspired drama ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and the Spanish-language musical comedy LA BANDA.

Extra Tidbit: That whole Salma married and pregnant thing was just a big joke, right? Right?!?
Source: Variety



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