Salma the mogul

Remember that movie a while back, directed by the guy who did SPY KIDS, and starring that guy from ER, about a strip club where everyone is actually a vampire, and the ER dude and some other people need to survive from dusk until dawn? Well remember that scene with that girl who had the nice body, and who wore the burgundy bikini and had an albino python wrapped around her shoulders while she gyrated and twisted for the camera? You do? Well today she’s a movie mogul.

Not the girl of course, she was a stripper and a vampire, but the actress that plays her, one Salma Hayek, certainly is. Hayek has entered into a production partnership with MGM to develop and produce Latin-themed content under the banner name Ventanazul. It’s a mouthful but what having to do with Ms. Hayek isn’t? Hayek will act as president and CEO of the company, and her producing partner Jose Tamez will be the president of production.

Ventanazul will specialize in Latin films, but also try and appeal to a larger, mainstream audience. Hayek points to both her art-house hit FRIDA and successful TV show UGLY BETTY (which she produces) as examples. If she wants a model for a Latin film that appealed to everyone, Alfonso Cuaron’s Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN is a good place to start. But my advice to you Salma, is that if you want to appeal to a larger mainstream audience, then star in these films. And don’t wear clothes. Okay, wear some, but not a lot. At all. Read the rest of the article over at Yahoo!

Extra Tidbit: Salma Hayek is engaged to French billionaire Francois Henri Pinault. Hmmm, what would you rather have, his money or his fiancee? Who cares, dude has both.
Source: Yahoo!



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