Salva talks Jeepers 3

     Creeper n' Justin

JEEPERS CREEPERS is one of the few spooky movies I watched entirely and liked, plus Justin Long is always a hoot; haven't seen the second but it's got Ray Wise so it can't be all bad, right? And as far as Hollywood is concerned, those movies cost very little and profited to more than double their budgets. So why not a third?

Talking to the folks of Dread Central during a book tour, director Victor Salva confirmed he's all but ready to get going on JEEPERS CREEPERS 3: CATHEDRAL pending financial backing, which he says is coming together. He also mentions the return of a few franchise regulars after "popular demand", among others...the truck.

Says Salva, "Breck will of course don his wings once again as our favorite flying man-eater, though we have decided, after much fan feedback, to give him his truck back for the new film. Gina Phillips will be back in Jeepers Threepers (as we like to call it) playing Trisha Jenner, 23 years later, a successful business woman who has her own teenage son, Darry, named after her long lost brother."

So feelings about Salva aside, let's have it: looking forward to it or who cares it's been too long anyway?

Extra Tidbit: I honestly thought Gina Phillips would've had a brighter career following the original Creepers. What happened?
Source: Dread Central



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