Sam beats Ashton!

This movie doesn't have snakes or planes but it does have Samuel L. Jackson kicking Ashton Kutcher's ass and that sounds like my kinda movie. Kutcher has signed on to co-star with Jackson in the upcoming thriller LAKEVIEW TERRAGE where Jackson will play a cop terrorizing an interracial couple (Kutcher and Kerry Washington). Neil LaBute, whose last thriller was the laughable WICKER MAN remake, will direct the film for Screen Gems with Will Smith producing through his Overbrook production company. So while I love the idea of seeing Sam Jackson get to bitch slap Ashton Kutcher, I'm assuming that Kutcher's character will win in the end and that depresses me. I say let Jackson pin some crime on Kutcher, have the white boy locked up and then let Sam move in on his territory. I mean we'll all be rooting for Sam the Man anyway? Give us what we want!

Extra Tidbit: Washington's boobs, who look so good in the I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE trailer, are actually pads inserted to make her character more seductive in the movie. Sad.
Source: Variety



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