Sam Jackson has no idea what Nick Fury is up to

After we learned last year that Marvel made a deal with Samuel L. Jackson to appear as S.H.I.E.L.D. honcho Nick Fury in as many as nine of their superhero movies, the assumption was that he would show up in each of the upcoming characters' solo films, THE AVENGERS and maybe a NICK FURY movie.

And while everyone figured the badass agent would be recruiting THOR for the team, Jackson can't even verify that. As he tells MTV: "Nobody's told me anything. I was reading the trades last week and I saw the cast list. My name was in it, so maybe I am doing something that I don't know about and I'll hear about it soon."

But... what about that nine-picture agreement I mentioned about an inch of text ago?

"I don't know what's going on," Jackson says. "Since Disney's bought the franchise, I have no idea what Marvel told them or even if my deal with Marvel is still valid."

While he could just be playing coy, there seems to be a trend of Marvel becoming notoriously bad at communication with talent (perhaps you recall director Jon Favreau going weeks before hearing a word from Marvel about a sequel after IRON MAN's impressive box office opening, and someone at Marvel lowballing Mickey Rourke for IRON MAN 2). Is the Marvel movie universe beginning to unravel? Or are they just shitty at picking up the phone?


Extra Tidbit: At least we have reboots of SPIDER-MAN, FANTASTIC FOUR and DAREDEVIL to look forward to, right? Um... Excelsior?
Source: MTV



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