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Sam Jackson to star alongside Kevin Hart in The Black Phantom


It seems Tim Story wants to get off the THINK LIKE A MAN/RIDE ALONG sequel train, as he has a new movie up his sleeve about a hitman called THE BLACK PHANTOM. PHANTOM was to star Jamie Foxx as the titular character but due to scheduling conflicts, he had to bow out. Samuel L. Jackson is now being approached to take over the lead role and would act alongside comedian Kevin Hart.

The synopsis as Deadline reports it:

The film is an outrageously inappropriate comedy where no topic is off limits in an odd partnership formed between a clever double-crossed mob hitman (Hart) and the notorious hit man The Black Phantom, who has been hired to kill him.

Outrageously inappropriate?!?! Somehow after having Sam Jackson do Tarantino to perfection, I think this will come off as tame, but that's just me. Then again, my exposure to Tim Story is limited to his FANTASTIC FOUR films and those didn't do anyone any favors. On the flip side, Sam Jackson is one of those actors who could make a phone book sound interesting. Now all we need is to stick him and Bryan Cranston in a room for two hours. THAT is a movie I can watch again and again.

With Tim Story currently shooting RIDE ALONG 2, we can probably expect THE BLACK PHANTOM to shoot in 2015.

This article needs more Sam Jackson . . .

Source: Deadline



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