Sam Raimi and District 9 producer Bill Block offer up their alien invasion film to Warner Bros.

Okay, so since Raimi has parted with SPIDER-MAN he's moved on to other things. Alien things in fact.

Raimi and DISTRICT 9 producers Bill Block are currently negotiating with Warner Bros. to set up their alien invasion flick, EDF.

Vulture has actually read a copy of the script from AIR FORCE ONE scribe Andrew Marlowe. What's the verdict? They love it and all of it's massive scale glory. Vulture describes it as a mix between TOP GUN, some INDEPENDENCE DAY, and a bit of THE LAST STARFIGHTER.

So what does EDF stand for? Earth's Defense Force. This is derived from the subject of the film-- “Earth’s response to an imminent alien invasion”. Although the title of the film may not actually stay.

Want a taste of the story?

EDF opens with, "a U.S. military operation gone awry: Sent to rescue what they believe is a sub that's accidentally bumped into a mine in Chinese waters, U.S. naval aviators quickly wind up engaged in a dogfight with a squadron of Chinese air force pilots. Soon, planes on both sides are being shot out of the sky, but not by the Chinese or U.S. pilots — by three alien attack fighters, which soon depart and destroy many of the world's landmarks and military installations, then vanish. It's a test of Earth's defensive capabilities, and we failed. Shortly after, NASA detects a radiation signature in a nearby galaxy, indicating a far more massive attack coming in about ten months, and world leaders set about trying to create super-aircraft and weapons that can fight off the coming invasion."

No word yet on whether Raimi will actually direct or not. Vulture's spies say that Raimi won't helm the film, but I wouldn't count him out. We should hear about a director soon.

Extra Tidbit: Raimi + DISTRICT 9 producer + aliens = WIN.
Source: Vulture



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