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Maisie Williams may star in The Last of Us for producer Sam Raimi


While Sam Raimi has emphatically announced to crowds at Comic Con that he will not be directing the feature film adaptation of THE LAST OF US, he did let us know that as producer he has met with GAME OF THRONES actress Maisie Williams for the lead role. Raimi also hinted that fan favorite Bruce Campbell may have a role in the film as well. Nothing specific was revealed as to who may be taking the directing duties on the video game adaptation, but stay tuned for more news.

Back in March we first heard of Raimi's involvement with THE LAST OF US and now we can put to rest having the iconic director returning to the world of the living dead. But, Raimi did let loose that he and Bruce Campbell are working on a TV series based on THE EVIL DEAD. Whether this will be in lieu of another big screen sequel or in addition to, Campbell's involvement makes it instantly cooler.

THE LAST OF US creator Neil Druckmann is currently writing the screenplay. According to sources, Druckmann has full creative control over the project, including casting and directing choices. Williams would make a fine choice to play Ellie with some naming Hugh Jackman or Josh Brolin as ideal for the other lead, Joel.

We will bring you more from SDCC as this develops.

Source: JoBlo.com



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