Sam Rockwell reteams with Jon Favreau for Cowboys and Aliens

Sam Rockwell had so much fun working with Jon Favreau on IRON MAN 2, he's coming back for a second round. Rockwell has signed on to star in COWBOYS & ALIENS where he'll play a bartender who joins up with two cowboys (played by Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford) to fight off the alien invasion.

Rockwell apparently heard that Favreau was working on the project next and became interested in the production. There wasn't really a role in the script that would fit Rockwell so Favreau had writer Damon Lindelof expand an existing role, barkeep Doc, and tailor it to the actor. The part was originally written as a heavy-set man and given Rockwell's dedication to his craft, I'm surprised he didn't just gain the necessary weight for the part. In addition to Craig and Ford, Rockwell joins Olivia Wilde, Clancy Brown and Noah Ringer in the film (plus a bunch of aliens).

Filming on COWBOYS AND ALIENS is set to begin this June and I can bet that Rockwell has already begun growing his best cowboy mustache and practicing how to say "sasparilla" while sliding a bottle down a bar.

Extra Tidbit: Had Robert Downey, Jr. not left the film this really would've been a IRON MAN 2 reunion.
Source: THR



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