Sam the supervillain!

Sam Jackson was so good at playing a megalomaniacal supervillain in UNBREAKABLE and since those sequels are never gonna get off the ground he's taking his supervillainness elsewhere. Jackson has signed on to star in THE SPIRIT, the upcoming adaptation of Will Eisner's comic series that will be written and directed by Frank Miller. Sam The Man will play The Octopus, The Spirit's archnemesis, who kills anyone who sees his face and has plans to kill all of Central City. Both Jackson and Miller were at Cannes where they discussed the project and came to an agreement. While Miller has nabbed his villain he is still in talks with a number of actors to play the titular hero (who do YOU think should play Spirit? Any good ideas, share 'em below.). Lionsgate recently came aboard to finance and distribute the film, which is expected to begin filming this fall. Jackson, always the busy bee, has a number of projects on the way including 1408 and JUMPER this year as well as filming on BLACK WATER TRANSIT and LAKEVIEW TERRACE.

Extra Tidbit: The Octopus' real name is Zitzbath Zark. Hmm, Sam's a good actor but he doesn't seem like a Zitzbath to me...
Source: Variety



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