Samberg does drama

Update: Three more promos added - "Best Fight" for KNUCKLE UP with Rashida Jones, "Best Male Performance" for THE ONE WHO DARED TO LEAVE with Eva Mendes and "Best Kiss" for POMMEL: THE BOBBY BROOKS STORY with Cuba Gooding Jr.

Red hot SNL cast member Andy Samberg will be hosting this year's MTV Movie Awards and in promotion of the event, he's been doing "For Your Consideration" ads for fake movies for different MTV Movie Award categories. "Funny or Die" premiered the first one where he teamed up with Will Arnett for a "Best Fight" ad for the "tough guy" flick SLAUGHTER SHACK. Most recently, he teamed up with Anne Hathaway for a "Best Female Performance" ad in the drama EVENINGS WITH MS. ELOISE. Check them both out below. And if you're still bothering with any MTV awards show, check out the Movie Awards Sunday, May 31st at 9pm EST.

Extra Tidbit: If you haven't yet, check out Samberg's re-teaming with Justin Timberlake for "Motherlover" over HERE. Unless you live outside the US. Then don't bother.
Source: Funny or Die



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