Samberg Rules!

Andy Samberg is SNL’s current flavour of the month, star du jour, or ‘it’ boy if you will. And with good reason, because the dude’s got chops. He drew notice online as part of the Lonely Island, a three-man comedy troupe he started with his friends Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. They made independent waves online before being snagged by SNL (good move guys), and have since taken the pop culture stratosphere by storm with their SNL Digital Shorts. Yes, these are the guys behind the LAZY SUNDAY and DICK IN A BOX videos. Although Samberg is getting most of the glory because of his ample screen time, Taccone and Schaffer are both writers on the show with Schaffer usually grabbing directing credits on the shorts.

This summer, in case you haven’t already heard, the first ‘Lonely Island’ film will be released called HOT ROD, directed by Schaffer and starring Samberg as a daredevil desperate to impress his father (Ian McShane). This movie will be the judge and the jury on whether these boys are for real. We all know they excel at making kick-ass, hilarious shorts, but can they transfer their comedic touch to a feature? Speaking of those shorts, we’ve got two pretty darn good ones for you right here. Since SNL probably isn’t worth tuning into these days, I say thank God for Web 2.0, where we can isolate the gems of any given show and post them online. The first one called ROY RULES! is an absurd little music video/infomercial about a man’s undying love for his brother in Law. The second, called DEAR SISTER co-stars Indiana Jones’ son Shia Laboeuf, and is a riff on an OC scene, which although none of you will admit, you all loved before our beloved Marissa died. Check out the videos BELOW and HOT ROD on August 3rd.

Extra Tidbit: In their pre-SNL days, Lonely Island produced a low-budget sketch comedy show for Fox called AWESOME TOWN which was rejected.
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