Sandel ruins life

The name Ari Sandel isn’t well known outside of Israel yet, but it could soon become a marquee moniker in the Hollywood comedy arena. Sandel won a 2007 Oscar for his live-action short, WEST BANK STORY about dueling falafel stands, and went on to direct the concertmentary (just coined that) VINCE VAUGHAN’S WILD WEST COMEDY SHOW, which comes out in February. So now that he’s done the short and the doc, the one thing left to complete the holy trinity of cinema is....the feature!

Sandel has signed on to direct the attention-grabbing-titled BRAD CUTTER RUINED MY LIFE…AGAIN. The film is about a nerd whose nerdiness finally pays off in the form of a great job and hot girlfriend, when suddenly the dude who made his high school life miserable gets hired by his company. The script was written by Joe Nussbaum, who directed SYDNEY WHITE and AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS: THE NAKED MILE. No comment. I have a premature, unwarranted and completely foundationless feeling about this one, that it could be an under-the-radar cult success like JUST FRIENDS or THE GIRL NEXT DOOR.

Extra Tidbit: My high school bully was also named Brad Cutter, but that's because he gave free haircuts during lunch. His real last name was Finegold.
Source: Variety



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