Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds team up once again for Most Wanted

So, if Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds team up for another movie, will we get to see Sandra and Scarlett kiss again?

But maybe next time can it be more passionate than arranged and awkward?

While that idea is already out of the question, it looks like Bullock and Reynolds reuniting again is not.

The two will star in the action comedy tentatively titled, MOST WANTED. Screenwriter for THE PROPOSAL, Peter Chiarelli gave the successful pitch that was purchased for $1 million. Universal Studios won in the bidding war against four other studios.

The film's storyline is about a criminal (Bullock) being escorted to court by a U.S. Marshall (Reynolds). The pair are ambushed during their journey and have to go on the run. Reynolds will executive produce.

I immediately thought of THE BOUNTY HUNTER when reading the plot. Maybe this will be better than that...

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Source: EW



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