Sandra Bullock now being sought after for Cuaron's Gravity

Good lord, Alfonso Cuaron. Will you ever run out of hot ladies to consider for the lead in your movie?

So far, in searching for a lead for his sci-fi endeavor GRAVITY, he's gone through Angelina Jolie, who passed twice for unspecified reasons. Then after seen BLACK SWAN, he's been all about Natalie Portman.

But now it appears a new contender has emerged, as the studio is really pushing for Sandra Bullock. Whoever the female lead is, will have the screen to herself for 80% of the film, so she's got to be a pretty heavy dramatic powerhouse. Bullock certainly can act, but this role would seem to be way out of her usual areas of expertise, and would require more than a very convincing southern accent (sorry, but I just didn't think that ability warranted an Oscar).

The offer is out to Portman, who has yet to respond, but Bullock is reportedly next in line according to CinemaBlend, as the studio views her as a "safe pick" despite her lack of experience in the genre and the fact that she would cost far more than Portman. I have to say though, she's been very choosy about her next roles after her Oscar win (she's only signed up for Stephen Daldry's EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE so far), and I can't imagine she'd be too keen to pick up a role that Jolie and Portman have both already passed on. Being third pick isn't a terribly A-list move.

If Portman passes as well, I would think that would start to say a bit about the movie itself, as you would think many actresses would jump at the opportunity to prove their dramatic range in a movie focused almost solely on them. Is something wrong with GRAVITY we don't know about?

Extra Tidbit: Yes, RDJ is in this, but his role will be relatively small compared the female lead's.
Source: CinemaBlend



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