Saoirse Ronan preps to play female assassin in action flick

The idea of casting LOVELY BONES star Saoirse Ronan as an assassin in an action movie is actually a pretty cool concept. But when that movie basically sounds like a spinoff of the KICK-ASS character Hit Girl, it starts to sound a lot less cool. First, let's back up: Ronan has signed on to reteam with ATONEMENT director Joe Wright for the upcoming action-drama HANNA. So far all is well and good but it follows a young girl who has been trained to be a ruthless killer by her father, which sounds an awful lot like the superhero flick coming this spring.

While to me it sounds like KICK-ASS, the press release described as more LA FEMME NIKITA and THE BOURNE IDENTITY than the upcoming Hit Girl flick. In this version, she's living a normal life when she's dragged back into her father's world and tries to resist her so-called destiny as an assassin. She just totally wants to ask Taylor to the Spring Formal, you guys!!

It's unclear when filming would begin but it would mark the next project for Wright whose planned flick, INDIAN SUMMER, was ditched by Universal Pictures over cost issues. Ronan recently wrapped filming on the Peter Weir film THE WAY BACK.

Extra Tidbit: Ronan was actually born in New York City.
Source: THR



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