Sarah Silverman to bare her boobs in Sarah Polley's upcoming dramedy Take This Waltz

While I wouldn't normally consider the baring of tits to be particularly newsworthy, it's currently 2:00am here in Los Angeles, I'm drinking (been drinking), and well... there's nothing particularly "journalistic" happening here so why the hell not?

In an interview with Moviefone, the delightfully crass Sarah Silverman (PEEP WORLD) talked a bit about her role in director Sarah Polley's upcoming second directorial effort TAKE THIS WALTZ. The funnywoman revealed that she'll be fully exhibiting her funbags for the first time ever. Yay! From Moviefone:

"I go totally naked," says Silverman. "Full frontal. It's going to be awful. It's so not pretty." Now don't be so harsh on yourself, my dear.

The "dramedy", which is currently in post-production and stars Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, is about "a young woman (Williams) whose struggles with infidelity leads her to the realization that she may be addicted to the honeymoon period of her relationships."
Extra Tidbit: Sarah Polley's first film as director was the excellent 2006 drama AWAY FROM HER.



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