Sarah Silverman to be Seth Rogen's sister

I know Sarah Silverman was bummed that her Comedy Central series "The Sarah Silverman Show" was canceled as she had said it was the only thing, besides standup, that left her creatively fulfilled. But with her series out of the way, she's got time to concentrate on other endeavors like her burgeoning film career. Silverman is currently in talks to co-star with Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams in the dramatic film TAKE THIS WALTZ.

Rogen has been spreading his wings with different types of projects (like THE GREEN HORNET and the untitled cancer film he's working on with Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and WALTZ is no different. The indie project was writte and will be directed by Sarah Polley and follows a woman (Williams) who constantly struggles with infidelity and what that means to a new guy she meets (Rogen) who she falls in love with. Silverman will play Rogen's sister who presumably gives him some sage (and humorous) advice.

Filming on WALTZ is expected to begin this summer in Toronto after Rogen wraps his I'M WITH CANCER film (that's a working title but it's just so much easier than writing "Untitled Seth Rogen Cancer Film" over and over again).

Silverman is out promoting her new book "The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee" while Polley can be seen acting this summer in SPLICE.

Extra Tidbit: Do you like Seth Rogen's new choices or would you prefer him do more straight-up comedies (Will Ferrell/Adam Sandler style)
Source: Variety



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