Sarandon joins Bones

Susan Sarandon is signed on to play the granny in Peter Jackson's adaptation of THE LOVELY BONES.

I'll go out and say it, I've always had a weird crush on Sarandon, ever since THELMA AND LOUISE. I don't have a thing for much older women, but the idea that she's hot and can convincingly play a grandma is pretty cool.

This flick is really picking up a great cast. Rachel Weisz is incredible and Ryan Gosling is probably the best actor of his generation (whose name is not Christian Bale). Stanley Tucci ain't half bad either. Now we add to that Susan Sarandon? Me like. As you know, THE LOVELY BONES is the Alice Seabold novel which follows a murdered teenage girl who watches from heaven as her family struggle with the repercussions of the crime. As I'm sure you also know, the book sold like a bazillion copies, so there must be something in it. Plus Peter Jackson made a couple of movies that made a couple of bucks.
Extra Tidbit: Sarandon is the first actress to ever win an Oscar for playing a nun.
Source: Empire



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