Savage Steve returns!

"The world needs another Savage [Steve Holland] movie." Those are the words of producer Warren Zide (AMERICAN PIE) who couldn't be more correct. For the uninitiated, Holland was the director behind some of the 80s best (and perhaps most underrated) comedies like BETTER OFF DEAD, ONE CRAZY SUMMER and HOW I GOT INTO COLLEGE. Holland has been working lately on Nickelodeon directing episodes of "Zoey 101" and "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" but we don't need him on the small screen, we need him doing feature comedies again. Holland will be making his long-awaited return to the big screen with the upcoming comedy THE BIG ONE 3, produced by Zide. The film follows a father, who had a miserable childhood, looking to make his son's thirteenth birthday as memorable as possible. Zide says the film will complement both DEAD and SUMMER making it a "trilogy of sorts." You mean the return of the Stork brothers?! [Ed. note: Wow, that was an unintentionally tasteless joke. Tom Villard, who played one of the Storks in ONE CRAZY SUMMER, died of complications from AIDS in the mid-90s.] Filming on BIG is expected to begin this fall in New Orleans.

Extra Tidbit: In addition to the animated sequences in his movies, Holland also created and animated the Whammy featured in "Press Your Luck."
Source: Variety



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