Saw 4 coming...ZZzzz

I'm not surprised at all that Lionsgate is moving ahead with SAW 4 - heck, Part 3 made over $80 million just in the US - but I am a little surprised Darren Bousman is returning to direct the fourth film. Bousman has been the SAW man since SAW II and I was really looking forward to seeing what he had up his sleeve post-SAW. Now he's headed back to the franchise, which he seemed to wrap up nicely in the last film. There were reports that second unit director David Hackl would replace Bousman in the fourth film, but that deal apparently fell through. I'm guessing that Bousman really wanted to get his REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA a greenlight from Lionsgate. The studio likely said, direct SAW 4 and we'll give you your greenlight with X amount of dollars. Considering an opera about donated organ repo men might be a tough sell anywhere other than Lionsgate, he jumped at the deal. Just speculating but the guy seemed pretty done with the SAW world not that long ago and this is the only wild card I can see that would bring him back. Filming on SAW 4 (which body part will they use to make the "4" on the poster?...) will begin in Toronto this April for an October release.

Extra Tidbit: Remember this Bousman blast from the past?...
Source: Variety



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