Saw 4/5 News

** Small spoilers ensue **

Tobin Bell has confirmed that he will be reprising his role as 'Jigsaw' in the next two SAW movies. I know this story starts out sounding retarded, since his character obviously died in SAW 3 - believe me, I thought that too - but apparently, the film-makers already had planned for at least one more film in the franchise, and had specifically shot certain scenes in a manner which would help facilitate this.

With that revelation, the story actually sounds pretty cool to me. Co-producer Oren Koules says that "there are three or four scenes in 'Saw III' that seem very innocuous and benign but when you see 'Saw IV' and they flash back to those, they have a whole different meaning. We shot scenes for 'Saw III', knowing they'd be in 'IV.' We knew what we wanted to do for 'IV' so we actually shot scenes for 'III' but tried to make them very innocent scenes that didn't really make sense, but when it comes back, it's a huge part about 'Saw IV.'"

Filming on the next installment begins in April, with Darren Lyn Bouseman (SAW 3) again directing.

Extra Tidbit: I hope Tobin Bell isn't back as Jigsaw's evil twin brother, 'Hacksaw' or something.
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