Saw V director firing up The Red Machine

Here’s a movie pitch you don’t hear every day. Two estranged brothers go on a camping trip in the woods. Naturally, they come under attack from...

A masked killer? A bunch of rednecks? Undead zombies?

Nope. A bear.

Well, that seems, likely.

SAW V director David Hackl is shooting THE RED MACHINE, which tells that tale. What this red machine is, and how it plays into the story remains to be seen, but the bear as a bad guy is something I can certainly get behind. This is a comedy right?

I can’t remember which one SAW V was as they all blur together in my mind. I’m pretty sure it was the one I hated that was entirely made up of flashbacks and forgot to include the requisite twist ending.

Hopefully he will fare better with his bear-based storyline, which is sure to scare at least Stephen Colbert, if no one else. But if directed properly, I suppose that a bear bad guy could by rather terrifying. Don’t believe me? Check out this sequence from the game Condemned 2 where the player has to escape a rampaging bear. Not sure if you can extend that kind of terror for a full feature film though.

Extra Tidbit: Which bear is best? Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
Source: The Wrap



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