Saw V, VI and ZZZ

As you might have expected from the swift production of SAW IV, there are other sequels in the works. Specifically SAW V and SAW VI already have a director. Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that David Hackl, one the man to direct SAW IV before Darren Bousman unexpectedly returned, has signed on to direct both films. That sound you hear is a collective yawn around JoBlo headquarters. Can we just skip these middling mid-level entries in the series and skip right to the camp? Let's take the SAW franchise and put it in the hands of some of those guys who make the SciFi Original Movies. I was watching SUPER GATOR the other day and I was thoroughly entertained (yet simultaneously frightened at what has happened to Kelly McGillis). Considering how much (or how little) CAPTIVITY made at the box-office this past weekend, maybe they shouldn't be spending so much money on these films. Will anyone care about the SAW world by the time SAW VI rolls around? Does anyone care about it now?...

Extra Tidbit: I was actually scared shitless by the first SAW and not by Cary Elwes' acting.



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