Saw video game pics

This October, to coincide with the release of the sixth film in the SAW franchise, Konami will release "Saw: The Video Game" on Xbox 360 and PS3 (can you imagine what you could do with the Wiimote on this game?...). I'm somewhat surprised it took them this long to release a SAW game but Konami says they have hopes it will rival the "Silent Hill" games with its action, puzzles and mystery. And, quite frankly, Konami thinks "Silent Hill" is for pussies. "'Silent Hill' is more about psychological terror, but 'Saw' for us is more about graphic, intense horror that overwhelms you. We want players to turn away from the screen for just a moment because of the visual intensity," says Konami director of marketing David Daniels. So I guess this won't be rated E for Everyone? The first screencaps from the game have been released and you can click below to check out a new gallery.

Extra Tidbit: If I'm turning away from the screen it's because this looks fucking stupid.
Source: ClanBase



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