Saw VII in 3D

You can't deny that the SAW franchise has a following. It's one of those films you're either sick of and wish they would stop, or you water at the mouth when you think of another.

Well my sweet little lovers of carnage candy, it looks like its been confirmed that SAW VII will be shot in 3D. Just a couple of weeks ago, our own Arrow was confirming that writers Marcus Dunston and Patrick Melton were getting busy writing a script for the movie. The guys over at shocktillyoudrop.com got the exclusive from the Twisted Pictures producing team that the plan is for this one to be in 3D.

They've really wanted to do something special with this SAW because, well, I'm not really sure why, other than the fact that they're amazed that it's still going. It's possible that they'll try to go all out with this one, and apparently producer Mark Burg is looking at all the 3D options available.

Dunston, Melton, and director David Hackl will all be returning for this one. But if you are itching for some 3D Saw action a little earlier, you can get your fix with the SAW re-release in 3D.

Extra Tidbit: Has anyone seen MY BLOODY VALENTINE in 3D yet? Is it worth watching? I was interested.



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