Saw's James Wan to helm graphic novel adaptation Nightfall

James Wan is best known for co-creating and directing the original SAW, also known as "the good one" to most. He followed that series up with DEATH SENTENCE, a pretty horrible revenge tale with Kevin Bacon, and his latest, INSIDIOUS, is being featured at TIFF soon.

Well his next project, according to Deadline, will be an adaptation of the graphic novel NIGHTFALL in which a man is locked up in a prison RUN BY VAMPIRES. Christ.

I'm almost as sick of graphic novel adaptations as I am vampire movies, so this is a combo that has me thoroughly rolling my eyes. But Wan is sure excited about it.

"The minute I heard the concept, I was in. Reading the graphic novel cemented that. Like Saw, it’s a simple concept that, if executed properly, will be so cool."

Vampire jail? Doesn't sound that cool to me. Has anyone read the novel? Will this make a badass movie despite all of us suffering from a massive case of vampire fatigue?

Extra Tidbit: Just make this "Blade escapes from vampire jail" and I'm in.
Source: Deadline



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